Designers Media Releases

These are the designers media releases


Hooray for Husssy and Every Woman - 16th June 2006

The entrepreneurial spirit, designer and manufacturer behind the Husssy Labelis Joanne Pellew-Hajinoor. More >>

Art is in Our Soul - 16th June 2006

Joanne draws inspiration from “…women who have succeeded in whatever their chosen field… and… who have battled through adversity, social disadvantages and motherhood to achieve their goals.” More >>

Kaninda Designs
The Funk of Fashion - 16th June 2006

With the knowledge and confidence gained from a Clothing Production course Lilla Gagliano of Kaninda Designs ... More >>

Kaninda Designs - 16th June 2006

Lilla Gagliano of Kaninda Designs has certainly thrown herself into the love and business of fashion. More >>

Karda Designs
Fashion Matters - 16th June 2006
Barbara Matters is the designer behind the innovative indigenous label Karda Designs. Barbara gained her love of silk and silk dyeing after attending a three day workshop in Mandurah. More >>
Wrapped in Culture - 16th June 2006

This label produces wearable art that is irreplaceable, sumptuous designs on sheer, high quality silks which are then manufactured into silk scarves, wraps and sarongs. More >>